Remote Content Production & Virtual Event Streaming

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need for remote content production with virtual events. Going virtual is a new challenge that every event coordinator is faced with to make the show go on. Its a new thing for us too, because we're so used to physically filming events.  While virtual methods of recording (Zoom interviews and cell phone video) aren't the same cameras, lenses, lighting, and audio that we'd provide on a physical production, our creative editing crafts this kind of raw footage into an authentic story. Once the stories are finalized, we can provide you with a full "run of show" video file to premiere on social media, or, use our services to virtually live stream to Zoom or other compatible platforms.

Example: Physicians for Reproductive Health, "Advocates on the Frontlines"

Physicians for Reproductive Health reached out to us in early May to remotely capture a Zoom panel discussion and edit other video assets into viewable pieces for their virtual fundraiser, "Advocates on the Frontlines." Once all content was edited, we rehearsed the flow of the live Zoom Webinar stream and this is how the final 25-minute show came out:

Physicians significantly exceeded their fundraising goals through this virtual event.

We made this happen from start to finish in 11 DAYS, contact us today to learn how.

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