Corporate Videos

Your organization has a story, so let's tell it with an engaging video that has elegant lighting, quality sound, and creative b-roll.

Our Corporate Production Approach: 

Planning is 90% of a great video shoot. While we can adapt to many shooting environments, it's critical to scout interview locations and check for ambient sound, direction of the sun, and our gear loading route. Once we are ready to roll our cameras, we make sure the talent feels welcomed and calm. Comfortable talent = better content!

What if you're not looking to film interviews? We have access to a plethora of voice over artists for scripted videos. We produce visually compelling footage, known as b-roll to cover the voice over (or interview narration). We work with you to come up with creative and natural scenes that best represent your story.


This is where the magic happens. We work with you to craft a concise and powerful video. You only have seconds to hold someone's attention, so our philosophy is to keep it concise (but we understand when clients want longer videos). Finally, we care about music. That's why we make sure your video has the appropriate licensed music. Now that you know what goes into our productions, please watch some of our videos below!